Our History

Warri Club


The Warri Club, Warri was originally a European Club founded by the European colonial masters in 1924 under the leadership of Mr. Page who worked in Shell Oil Company. That followed by the leadership of Mr. Kapela who was the then manager of SCOA and was later succeeded by Mr. D. Quinn of Shell Oil Company.

During the rulership of the Europeans, citizens were members of the club. These included Chief Isaac Jemide who was then Secretary and Mr. F. Arubayi who worked in Shell.

The African leadership of the club was in 1973 under Mr. Joe Maiki. The takeover of mantle of leadership by the African personnel also led to the increase of membership of the club by the black. However, an unfortunate incident led to the takeover of the club management by black. The incident occurred at the swimming pool section of the club. It was discovered that the whites were discriminatory of the black users of the pool. Each time a black user entered the pool, there was a massive exodus of the whites from the same pool and the black protested vehemently against this racist act, insisted on the black take over of the leadership of the club.



The aims and objectives of the club are:

  • To foster friendship and better understanding among the members in particular and members of the community as well as other clubs in the country.
  • To create a social forum for its members and encourage social and recreational activities within the club.
  • To encourage intra and inter club sporting competitions



  1. An Olympic sized swimming pool
  2. Squash Court
  3. Table Tennis Hall
  4. Two pairs of lawn tennis courts
  5. Billiards and Snooker
  6. Darts
  7. Children Playground
  8. Chess
  9. Tombola (every Friday night)

Inter club sports competitions takes place in all the sports above with the club excelling in most cases. Sailing at the Water Front used to take place, especially when the whites dominated the club membership. Boat riding was also practiced.

RULE 3 Memberships


The club has various types of membership, consisting the following:

  1. Grand Patron
  2. Patrons
  3. Full Members
  4. Affiliated Members
  5. Single Members
  6. Country Members
  7. Honorary Members
  8. Life Members




The grand Patron is the Olu of Warri.


A patron of the club will be a member of the club with proven integrity who is fifty years and above, has put in a minimum of 10(ten) years continuous membership of the club an is in a position to contribute to the development of the club.

A member shall become a patron is so nominated by the Management Committee and such nomination is approved by simply majority of financial members present at the Annual General Meeting to which the nomination must be presented for ratification.


a full member is a male adult over the age of 21years residing within a radius of 20 kilometers from Warri and whose application to join the club must have been approved by the Management Committee. He should be literate and without a criminal record. His membership confers membership on his wife (one only) and guarantees access to club facilities to his children.


The widow of a deceased full member may continue her membership as a single member but shall forfeit such membership when she marries.


A single member is a male female adult who is not married and over the age of 21years, residing within a radius of 20 kilometers from Warri whose application to join the club must have been approved by the Management Committee. His/her membership covers himself or herself alone.


An affiliate member is a financial member of an affiliated club visiting Warri.


A country member shall be any member resident within twenty (20) kilometers of the Club house.


Honorary members shall be drawn from personages resident in the locality and must be in a position render service to the club. They shall not be below fifty (50) years.


Life membership may be conferred on any member as a reward for his good services to the club in any capacity provided such a member has attained the age of sixty-five (65) years and above and has in a minimum of twenty (20) continuous year’s membership.


Membership of the Club Shall be Open to any Person Who:

(i) Has Attained the age Of Twenty-One (21)

(ii) Has Not Been Convicted Of any Criminal Offence in a Court Of Law.

(iii) Has a Legitimate and Visible Means of Livelihood.

(iv) Is Of Unquestionable Character.

(v) Is Literate to the Level of The West African School Certificate or its Equivalent.



A Person Desiring to be a member Of the Club Shall:

(a) Obtain an application card and a detailed personal data form at the Prescribed Cost.

(b) Complete the document in (a) above and submit them with two (2) passport photographs and the current non-refundable application || Registration fee to the Management Committee through the member Secretary.

(c) Ensure that Sponsors as provided for in the application card are person’s whose membership of the club is not below three(3) Years.

(ii)— On the receipt of the dully completed forms, the Management Committee Shall:-

(a) Ensure that the application card with passport photographs are exhibited on the Club’s notice board for a minimum of twenty-one (21) days to allow for any Observations or Objections by Members.

(b) Cause during the twenty-one days in (a) above, the membership secretary, Leading a membership Sub-committee to the Prospective Member and Shortlist for admission interview by the Management Committee.

(c) Cause the membership secretary to Present the Shortlist Candidate for interview as soon as possible after the 21 days to the Management Committee.

(iii) The Management Committee May accept or reject a prospective Member.

(iv) The acceptance of any new Member Shall be by Simple Majority Of Committee  Members present at the Sitting.

(v) Any Prospective Member Rejected at an interview Shall not be reconsidered until after Twelve (12) Months.

(vi) The Decision of the Management Committee in all cases Shall be communicated in writing to the applicant. In the case Of unsuccessful candidates however, no Reasons need be stated for their rejection.


(i) A Candidate to be elected an Honorary member Shall be Proposed by the Management Committee.

(ii) The Membership Secretary Shall exhibit the name of the candidate on the Club’s notice board for at least Fourteen (14) Days before the General Meeting.

(iii) The Proposed Shall be tabled before the General Meeting and the decision to admit this candidate Shall be by at least two-thirds (⅔) Majority of those present and voting.


Any Member who meets the definition for life membership as spell out in Rule 4 (iv) Shall be Presented to the General Meeting by the Management Committee for Ratification by simple Majority Votes.


(i) Members Shall be entitled, Subject to the Provisions of this constitution to use the facilities provided by the Club for Sports and Other recreational activities Provided Such members Subscribe to the membership of the section in Charge of the sport of interest. Applicants for membership Shall be covered by this provision with effect from the time their application card and passport photographs appear on the Club’s notice board.

(ii) A Life member Shall not pay any annual subscription.

(iii) Honorary and affiliate members shall enjoy the facilities of the Club provided that shall not be Eligible to:

(a) Vote and be Voted for at any meeting of the club.

(b) Sponsor or Second the Sponsorship of candidates for membership or election into the Management or any other Position.

(iv) Members Shall be at Liberty to bring in their guests to the Club. Such a guests who shall not be below the age of twenty-one (21) years shall be entitled to use the facilities of the Club, but Shall not interfere in any manner with Club’s affairs and provided that his/her use of the sporting facilities shall be subject to the rules of the appropriate section. Furthermore, a guest shall remain within the Club premises only as long as the member who signed him in remain within the premises.

(v) Children and Wards of members aged fifteen years and above may come to the Club unaccompanied provided they carry their current identification cards.

However they shall be accompanied by a parent or member while using the swimming pool.

(vi) Parents Shall be held responsible for all the actions of their children or wards within the Club premises.

(vii) Any member who by reason of ill-health or international travel is absent for a period exceeding one year, upon application to the Management Committee and at the Committee Discretion, May have his Membership had in abeyance for a Specified Period.

(Viii) A member who loses his Membership in circumstances described in Rule 12 of this constitution may rejoin the club upon Successfully attending a re-admission interview and on payment of the Prescribed registration and  Subscription fees.


(i) The Provisions of this constitution Shall be binding on all members, and it the case of an application card and passport photo appear on the Club’s notice board.

(ii) Members Shall pay their annual Subscription and other levies promptly as per rule 18 (ii)

(iii) A member introducing a guest Shall Sign in  the guest after paying the Prescribed fee, and Shall be responsible for the conduct of the guest while within the Club Premises.

(iv) No Member Shall bring in as a guest, a person who has been expelled or suspended from the club or any affiliate Club.

(v) The Management Committee reserves the right to exclude from the club premises any guest who fails to satisfy the Club’s standards of conduct and decorum.

(vi) A member Shall accompany his/her children or wards who are below the age of fifteen (15) years to the Club.

(vii) Members Shall Ensure that their children and wards are modestly dressed while in the club premises, and shall further ensure that their children and wards while within the club premises do no smoke or use alcoholic beverages.

(viii) Members Shall Ensure that Children Below the age of 15 years are not allowed into the pothole or billiard room and that those below the age of 18 years are not allowed into the Club Premises after 7:30pm except to attend Children’s programmes.

(ix) Members Shall be responsible for any damages done to the club’s property by themselves, their Spouses, Children, wards or guests.

(x) No Member Shall bring a dog or any pet into the Club Premises.


(i) Members are required to have available their current membership cards whilst on the club premises.

The Card Must be Produced at the Request Of:

(a) A Committee Member or

(b) A member acting on behalf of the committee or

(c) The Reception Clerk at the entrance of the Club.

(ii) Any Person not able to produce a valid membership card and unable to prove current membership may be asked to leave the club premises.


(1) The Following disciplinary measures Shall become necessary when a member of the club is involved in any of the offences Listed under each of the measures:


(i) Disorderly behavior or conduct unbecoming of a member while in the club premises. Conduct unbecoming of a member shall include – persistent infringement on the rules, regulations and bye-laws of the Club, Fighting within the premises of the club, ungentlemanly conduct and gross misconduct in connection with the affairs of the club.

(ii) Failure to pay annual Subscription within a period of Six (6) months

(iii) undue indebtedness to the club’s bar, restaurant, on levies etc


Infringement on the rules and regulations of the section.


(i) Falling below expectation in the performance of duties as a management committee Member.

(ii) Absence from three (3) consecutive management committee meetings while holding office as a member of the Management Committee.

(iii) Any Offence that can earn a management committee Member either suspension, expulsion or a fine as a member of the Club under this rule.


(i) Conviction by a court of competent Jurisdiction for a criminal offence.

(ii) Dismissal from employment for misappropriation of funds

(iii) Misappropriation of the Club’s Funds.

(iv) Institution of legal action against the club without exhausting the provisions for the appeal in the Constitution.


(i) A member who institutes a legal action against the Club after exhausting all provisions for appeal in this Constitution and loses in the court shall be required to pay to the Club a fine equal in amount to all costs incurred by the Club in connection with the said court action.

(ii) Members of the Club are expected to pay their annual subscriptions promptly either in full at the beginning of the club’s financial year or in two equal instalments, one being at the beginning of the first half of the financial year and the other at the beginning of the second half of the financial year.

(iii) A period of grace amounting to two months from the date an instalment for any half of the financial year fall due and within which a member should pay at least the installment for that half year shall be allowed after which a monthly simple interest of five percent (5%) Shall be charged with effect from the end of the two months on the instalment for that half year until the instalment is paid. The amount of interest so occured shall be paid as fine by the affected member along with the instalment provided the member shall still be subject to the suspension provisions of this rule as they affect members who fail to pay their annual subscriptions within Six (6) Months from when they fall due.



The Management Committee may Suspend any member who is involved in any of the acts punishable by suspension from the Provided that it shall not act without giving the member at least fourteen (14) days notice in writing after which the member shall have the opportunity to defend himself/herself before the committee.

A member who is suspended as provided herein by the Management Committee may appeal to the trustee within Seven (7) days from the date of the member being notified of the suspension order. The affected member shall put the Management Committee on notice of his/her being notified of the suspension order.

The Duration of Suspension of a member shall be determined by the Management Committee in accordance with the gravity of the offence provided it shall not exceed three (3) months.


The Executive Committee of a duly registered section of the Club may Suspend a member of the section who infringes on the rules and regulations of the section provided that no member of a section shall be suspended without being given an opportunity to appear before sectional committee for his/her defence.

Any member suspended by a sectional committee may appeal to the club’s management Committee within three (3) days of the decision of the sectional committee.


A management Committee member who is involved in any of the acts punishable by removal from office may be recommended by a simple majority of votes at the Management Committee meeting for removal from office to a general meeting of the club.

The General Meeting shall decide by a simple majority of votes whether or not the committee member should be removed from office.


The Management Committee may, Subject to the approval of a general meeting of the Club by simple majority, expel a member and a notice to that effect shall be posted on the Club’s notice board and copied to all affiliate Clubs. The Management Committee Shall However not recommend a member to a general meeting of the Club untill the member has been given chance to Show cause as to why he/she may not be so recommended to the General Meeting for Expulsion. Where the Management Committee after giving an affected member a chance to show cause as to why he/she should not be recommended to the General Meeting for Expulsion, decides to go ahead to make the recommendation, the member Shall stand suspended from the date of the Decision until the next General Meeting when that recommendation of the Management Committee for his/her Expulsion will be considered for ratification, provide that the affected member shall have a right to attend the meeting.


The Management Committee Shall demand in writing the Value of the fine from the affected member, giving him/her a specific period , reasonable in the circumstance within which to pay.

Failure to Pay the Fine may be visited with Suspension or Expulsion if the member is not already on Suspension or expelled.


(i) There Shall be a Body of Trustees Whose membership shall be drawn from Among distinguished members of the Club.

(ii) The Trustees shall be three in number one of whom shall be a Lawyer. They shall each hold office for three years and membership shall be renewable by the General house at the expiration of any trustee’s tenure.

(iii) Trustees Shall be registered in accordance with the provisions of the company and allied matters decree of 1990.

(iv) A person Shall become a trustee if he/she is so proposed or Nominated by the Management Committee and is elected by simple majority of those voting at an Annual General Meeting of the Club.

(v) A Nominee for Trusteeship Shall:

(a) Be above Fifty (50) years of age

(b) Have put in a Minimum of ten(10) years continuous membership of the Club.

(c) Hold a university Degree (Honorary degree not included) or it’s equivalent or has attained the headship of a Department in Government or Government Parastatal or a Public quoted Company.

(Vi) A Trustee Ceases to Hold office if he/she:

(a) Resign From the Body.

(b) Ceases to be a member of the Club

(c) Ceases to reside in Warri or Within Twenty(20) Kilometres radius.

(d) Becomes infirm to be unable to Perform the duties of the body.

(e) Is guilty of an act that makes him/her unfit to adjudicate.

(f) Earns a vote of no confidence from a two thirds (⅔) Majority of the Paid up members at a general meeting.

(vii) if a vacancy shall occur in the number of trustees, a general meeting will be held to appoint another eligible member of the Club in accordance with sub rule(iv) of this rule. The trustee so appointed shall serve the rest of the term of the trustee being replaced.

(viii) The functions of the body of trustees Shall be as follows:


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